Munich, June 4th, 2013

Michael Bully Herbig’s new comedy will be out on Christmas
From 25 December 2013 in cinemas nationwide


Eddie (Alexander Fehling) is living a good life: big bucks, big cars and lots of chicks. Yet since partying is more important to him than the company his late father left him, sales start plunging as rapidly as his image. Pretty much the only thing that could save his life now is a guardian angel. And that is exactly who suddenly appears, entering into Eddie’s life like a cannonball! Since Eddie is the only person who can see and talk to his new “Buddy” (Michael Bully Herbig), everyone around him soon thinks Eddie is a real nutcase… and that’s just the beginning!

Finally, fans can enjoy a real Bully movie again, which will not only leave your sides splitting with laughter, but also goes straight to the heart.

Germany’s most successful filmmaker is back in the director’s chair! After his excursions into acting (in Hotel Lux and Zettl among others) and four years after his cinema smash hit feature Vicky the Viking Michael Bully Herbig has taken back the helm. Like in Manitou’s Shoe, Dreamship Surprise – Periode 1 and Lissi and the Wild Emperor, Bully wrote the script as well as produced and directed the movie. In addition, he stars in the role of Buddy. Alexander Fehling (Goethe! Inglourious Basterds) and Mina Tander (Maria, ihm schmeckt´s nicht! Männerherzen) feature in the other lead roles. This comedy about an “unusual” guardian angel who mightily stirs up the life of his protégé was produced by herbX film and Warner Bros. in Munich and Hamburg from 4 March to 24 May 2013.