Munich, March 14th, 2017

Michael Bully Herbig’s New Feature Film Registers More Than 10,000 Viewers Well Before Opening Day!
Shooting several sequences of his new movie Vicky the Viking, Bully spent just under three weeks at Lake Walchensee in Bavaria, Germany, a location starring as Vicky’s hometown of Flake, which was brought to life with great attention to detail. Yet Bully’s crew was in for a big surprise, as nobody would have expected the shoot to turn into a full-blown spectacle! Over the course of the last three weeks, the film’s crew was witness to a mind-blowing run on “Flake”! Up to 500 curious onlookers were drawn to Bully’s movie set every day – at the weekends, sometimes more than 2,000 fans were to be seen at the location, which, to give a somewhat conservative estimate, adds up to a total audience of more than 10,000 long before the last take! Quite likely, director Michael Bully Herbig has sailed to a new record!