Munich, March 19th, 2018

3 weeks after release Bullyparade – The Movie (orig. Bullyparade – Der Film) tops the charts at Prime Video, the most popular video streaming portal in Germany. The first weekend after cinema release BullyparadeThe Movie achived the best release of a German movie of the last 2 years. For the past 3 weeks Michael Bully Herbig´s cinema blockbuster can be seen exclusively on Prime Video. For the first time ever a movie celebrates its premiere on a video-streaming-service only 6 months after cinema release. And the success story continues: Bullyparade-The Movie proves to be the most successful start in the history of Prime Video in Germany. No other movie has had more viewers in a similar period of time.

Michael Bully Herbig: “It was great fun for us to slip into the roles of old and new characters of the Bullyparade-universe. Because of the 20th anniversary, we could kid around again, and were really extremely happy about the success in movie theatres. We were quite surprised that the movie was so well received primarily by the younger generation, who were not even born when the show was aired on TV. And being able to bring closure to this subject with a record on Prime Video is fantastic! Thank you to the best fans in the world!”

Bullyparade – The Movie´s success once again demonstrates that cinema and VOD can coexist very well” says Dr. Christoph Schneider, CEO at Prime Video Germany. ” Bully Herbig once again proves his keen sense for the audience. We are very pleased that Bullyparade – The Movie, has performed so well after thrilling audiences in the movie theatres. It has been worthwhile, to offer this Prime Exclusive Movie to our Prime-Clients so soon after cinema release.