December 1st, 2017

After 50 exciting days of shooting, the last slate for the movie Balloon was announced.
Michael Bully Herbig´s nerve-racking thriller is based on the true story of one of the most spectacular escapes from East Germany. On September 16th, 1979 the families Strelzyk and Wetzel attempt to cross the border to West Germany in a self-made hot-air balloon.

Director Michel Bully Herbig has staged this story for the big theatrical screens, with a brilliant cast Friedrich Mücke (SMS für Dich), Karoline Schuch (Katharina Luther), David Kross (The Reader), Alicia von Rittberg (Charite),Thomas Kretschmann (Valkyrie) and many more.
Quote Michael Bully Herbig: “An unbelievable story, fantastic actors and a great team working with absolute dedication. This really was a very special and intriguing journey for me.”

Release date: September 27 2018 distributed by STUDIOCANAL