Vicky the Viking

Vicky (Jonas Hämmerle), a cute little boy with signature ginger hair, lives in the Viking village of Flake, with his mother Ylva (Sanne Schnapp) and his father Halvar (Waldemar Kobus), the most pig-headed Viking chief of all times.
By their very nature, the Vikings are a strong, fearless and vociferous crowd. But Vicky is different: reluctant and tender. Yet Vicky possesses a special ability that is completely unheard of among most of his fellow Vikings: he is smart – not to say: very, very smart – and stands his ground with wits and a sharp mind along the lines of “Wits, not muscles”.
One day, Vicky’s village is attacked and raided by a wild and ruthless pack of strangers wearing terrifying dragon masks, robbing the villagers of their most near and dear treasures: their children. Except for Vicky, who was fortunate to get stuck in the tree tops with his kite right at the very moment the village came under attack.
Halvar, Vicky´s father, and the other Vikings of Flake set sail to free their children and embark on a suspense-packed, adventurous journey across the high seas. And Vicky? Vicky and his flashes of wit and brilliant ideas come to the rescue of the Vikings time and again, helping his friends to get out of a virtually desperate and hopeless situation.


Original title

Wickie und die starken Männer


Michael Bully Herbig


Rat Pack Filmproduktion


herbX film, Constantin Film Produktion