Dreamship Surprise – Period 1

The year is 2054. Mankind has settled on Mars. 250 years later, the descendants of the first settlers choose to return, striving to conquer the Earth and prepared to annihilate any life on the planet. All efforts seem futile: the invasion will take its course.
And still, Queen Metapha (Anja Kling) commands her people “not to bury the sand in their heads”, as there seems to be one last flicker of hope: the crew of “Dreamship Surprise” (Michael Bully Herbig, Christian Tramitz, Rick Kavanian), who are to embark on a journey through time in order to undo the colonization of Mars. Yet the spaceship’s crew members have a far more important mission on their minds: they are smack in the middle of their dance performance rehearsals for the “Miss Waikiki” competition and thus only reluctantly agree to take a taxi bound to the Earth.



Original title

(T)Raumschiff Surprise – Periode 1


Michael Bully Herbig


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