Max Zettl (Michael Bully Herbig) is eager to build his career in Berlin, and works hard to prepare the ground for climbing the social ladder, benefitting from fortunate “coincidences” of his own making – he knows all the things crucial to know and, more importantly, those things that nobody is supposed to know. In a charming but ruthless manner, he rises from working as a chauffeur to being the editor-in-chief of a new online publication: together with Herbie Fried (Dieter Hildebrandt), a veteran paparazzo, Zettl sets out to put the rich and the famous, the beautiful and the unscrupulous, the B-list celebrities as well as the morons of the capital city in the crosshairs.

Original title

Zettl – Unschlagbar charakterlos


Helmut Dietl


Diana Filmproduktion


herbX film, GFP, Warner Bros. Productions